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With our Company Headquarter in Turkey and offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Taiwan, our aim is to give you the best service for your procurement, inspection, logistics and customs clareance.

  • DNG Group Foreign Trade - Turkey, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda

  • Afree Freight - Turkey, China

  • Fareast Industries - Hong Kong

  • Inspectra Inspection - China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore

  • Afree Trade Academy - Turkey, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda

Our Team
Emre Oz, Founder

19 succesful years in Foreign Trade from/to Fareast to Europe, Turkey, Middle East, North Africa and CIS regions.

Company ownership in Turkey, Hong Kong, China in the field of transit trade, logistics, fasteners, hardware, medical and consultancy.

Exclusivity agreement holder for MENA regions including Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Morocco in the field of agrochemicals, textile, baby care, hardware products and machinery.

Jack Tsai, HK Office Manager

Jack, is our HK Office Manager for Fareast Industries with 15 years experience on transit trade.

Jack and his team at Fareast Industries, are ready to give you the best service under DNG Group Companies.

Burak A, Foreign Trade Specialist

University degree in International Trade and 3 years experience in Foreign Trade and Operation Management.

Ability to handle Supply Chain Management from procurement to warehouse delivery.

Kevin, China Office Manager

Kevin and his colleagues are ready to give you the best service especially in your hardware business.

The DNG team can be described with the word "Professional" and will ensure you regarding the quality in all meaning of your business. Timing, procurement, inspection and logistics.

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