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DNG Statera Dis Ticaret

DNG Statera Foreign Trade is the bridge for your business to your procurement, inspection, logistics and customs clareance.

DNG Statera has professional teams working in the fields of Fastener, Hardware, Chemical, Cosmetics, Home Decor and Baby Care products with its wide range of supplier portfolio and deliver the goods from the factory to your warehouse.

You choose the product, we deliver to your warehouse!

Afree Trade Academy

Afree Trade Academy is an online and onsite International Trade and Business Academy for African and Middle East professionals.

The HQ located in Istanbul, Turkey and Shanghai, China and provide services with local agencies in Africa and in Middle East.

DNG Yapi ve Baglanti Elemanlari

DNG Yapi is your key partner for your business with fast delivery for fastener and hardware materials directly from our warehouse in Istanbul.

You are welcome to visit our office and warehouse which is around 15-20 mins. distance to Ataturk Airport.

Inspectra Inspection

Inspectra is your inspection partner with its teams allover the world.


We are ready to inspect, to report, to determine the defects if we found and make ready the goods for you to ship.

DNG Freight

DNG Freight Frowarding is your logistics partner from Fareast, USA or Europe to Turkey with its Sea, Air, Truck or Railway transport options.

With our office in Istanbul and China, we can provide you direct service from Fareast to Europe.

Fareast Industries

Fareast Industries settled up to expand your business to the new horizons and is your key partner for your business allover the world. 

With our presence in HK, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan and China, we can provide you the best service that you are looking for.

Our professional hardware team can provide you Fastener, Toolings, Machinery, Wire, Insect Screen and Fiberglass Mesh.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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